The Pro Team

The best of the best. These athletes train hard and live life harder. You’ll catch them traveling to events frequently throughout the year.  


From Warminster, Pa this inline skater turned Tricker is on a mission to take over the game. With the cleanest B-Kicks since Bubba and the best Butterknife we’ve ever seen this kid is going places. He’s elegant but that doesnt mean he sacrifices power doubles are childs play for this one.

Sebastien White

From the City of Angels, Sebastien started his journey into the flips world mostly jumping off of things, he does that still but now that he knows about the flat ground he has been absolutely destroying it.

Ethan Turner

From Glenelg, Marlyand a smaller town between D.C. and Baltimore. Ethan is an absolute powerhouse causally chucking difficult swing combos anywhere. Claims the cheatcodes are “crossed ankles, incredibly precise blocking and timing, lots of bullshit luck, no sleep ever, aaaand a lot of caffeine”

Hunter Stewart

From Parker, Colorado. Hunter technically crafts his Tricks with intricate transitions coupled with well timed power moves, he’ll have you scratching your head at the session.  

Jahaad Hererra

The Beast from the East, Jahaad has been training with the Everyday Hero boys for years and it shows. Power Moves galore you will catch him throwing down the hardest between 2-5am at Gatherings. 

Jordon Alexander

From Flordia, a completely self-taught Tricker who has relied on nothing but inspiration from social media to further his tricking potential, until moving to Colorado at the start of 2019. He’s made it this far without a community around him. Let’s see what will come now that he is surrounded by Trickers.