The Classic Team

A collection of our less active athletes that have put in their time on the Torque Pro Team


Conceived in the Smokey Mountains, this preacher kid found flips in the Ancient Blue Ridge and has taken the Tricking pursuit to the more aggressive terrain of the Rocky Mountain.  He has been a pioneer in many areas of tricking, even if they’ve gone relatively unnoticed…


From Houston, Texas, has been a powerhouse twister since his start in tricking. He’s been pushing to be a powerful tricker and has had quite a lot of success in his quest. Having landed triple cork, quad full, many triple full variations. He has a unique style of twisting, leaving a leg out as a kind of stabilizer.


Kyle Potter is the chess piece we all need. He’s had many opportunities in tricking and in performances. Having performed in the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry. Kyle’s raw tricks and style are matched only by his own looks. Kyle is pursuing stunts and performances as well as his progress in tricks.


Jordan “The Noodle” Edwards has been quite the influential figure in the transitions and odd tricks section of tricking. He has been experimenting with a variety of different body shapes and ways to enter and exit tricks that no one else has! We’re still concerned he doesn’t have bones.


A mystery tricker and underground killer. He surfaces time to time to drop crazy footage only to dissappear into the wind again. The only thing harder than trackin him down is pronouncing his name.